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Annual Aggregate Turnover (AATO) computation for FY 2021-22

The functionality of AATO for the FY 2021-22 has now been made live on taxpayers’ dashboards with the following features:

  • The taxpayers can view the exact Annual Aggregate Turnover (AATO) for the previous Financial Year (FY).
  • The taxpayers can also view the Aggregate Turnover of the current FY based on the returns filed till date.
  • The taxpayers have also been provided with the facility of turnover updation in case taxpayers feel that the system calculated turnover displayed on their dashboard varies from the turnover as per their records.
  • This facility of turnover update shall be provided to all the GSTINs registered on a common PAN. All the changes by any of the GSTINs in their turnover shall be summed up for computation of Annual Aggregate Turnover for each of the GSTINs.
  • The taxpayer can amend the turnover twice within the month of May, 2022. Thereafter, the figures will be sent for review of the Jurisdictional Tax Officer who can amend the values furnished by the taxpayer wherever required.


Note: For more details, the taxpayers may check out the ‘Advisory’ section of the aforementioned functionality on their respective dashboards.

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