Rule 137 - Tenure of Authority

[1][137 ***]


[1] Rules omitted by Rule 2(e) of The CGSTR(4th A), 2022 vide Notification No. 24/2022-Central Tax dt. 23-11-2022 wef 01-12-2022. Earlier it was inserted by CGST(2nd A)R, 2017 vide Notification No. 10/2017-Central Tax dt. 28-06-2017 wef 01-07-2017 as

137. Tenure of Authority.[1]

The Authority shall cease to exist after the expiry of [1][five years] from the date on which the Chairman enters upon his office unless the Council recommends otherwise.

1. Substituted for words “four years by Rule 2 of The CGST(9th A)R, 2021 vide Notification No. 37/2021-Central Tax dt. 01-12-2021 wef 30-11-2021.

Earlier substituted for words “two years by Rule 6 of The CGST(5th A)R, 2019 vide Notification No. 33/2019-Central Tax dt. 18-07-2019.

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